Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 17.31.04The Client:

Qube Learning is a training provider specialising in vocational qualifications, core skills and short courses. Qube currently work with hundreds of employers across the country delivering a range of training and qualifications to a multitude of learners in a wide range of industries.

They’ve been awarded numerous contracts by the Skills Funding Agency and this means that government funding supports many of the Training Programs. The programs are related to job roles and therefore learning occurs in the workplace.

Business Need:

Skills Funding agency UK have strict guidelines on assessment of applications from candidates and employers, the way training programs and designed, delivered and managed and their outcomes.

Qube learning were looking for a complete solution that will enable them to receive hundreds of applications from candidates and employers, ensuring every detail is captured and stored, managing the application process, candidate profiles and details and communications. At the same time the applications had to be assessed and reports prepared under strict guidelines from SFA, and submitted for further processing to SFA. This all involved a complicated workflow to be managed and automated.

The Solution:

Axtrum understood the business needs and crafted a solution to deliver upon the above business needs. It involved complicated automated workflow management with CRM capabilities.

Key Features of the Solution:

  • Manage the candidate profile and provide capabilities to report with a lot of filter options.
  • Track the candidate applications through the whole workflow – received, validated, approved, in training, drop-out, rejected, funded.
  • Keeping track of candidates performance through the program and report the same across to SFA.
  • Generate the XML batch to be directly submitted to Skills Funding Agency (SFA).
  • Manage the Training programs.
  • Manage the employers central data along with the employees and their respective candidates.
  • News sharing capabilities within the system.



  • .NET
  • ASP.Net MVC 4.5
  • Bootstrap
  • CSS animations
  • JQuery
  • MVC
  • • Angular JS