Who we are

Originally founded in 2009 as Blue Thread Solutions, Axtrum operates from its offices in London and Noida (India) and serves customers in the USA, UK, Continental Europe and India.

We are a solutions driven organisation and we love to be challenged with complex business problems. Innovation is at our heart and we keep finding new and better ways of doing things, making continuously improve our customers and ourselves.

We hire the best talent that shares our passion and values. And yes, we keep them happy, directly resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction.

Focused on delivering value for your business, we aim at being the partner of choice for our customers. Axtrum’s management team has many years of delivering business solutions and helping customers globally.

Vikram Saxena, Founder
Parul Saxena, Founder

The five Axtrum principles

  • Business focused solutions – not just IT

    However large the business is, every pound spent must be able to add a measurable greater value. A technology change isn’t always the answer to all problems. At axtrum our unique methodology ensures that a 360 holistic approach is deployed to find solutions, technology included!

  • Open and Transparent Partnership

    We believe in being true partners with our customers and that means being open and transparent in all such matters. We all know relationships, business and personal alike, built on trust, fairness and respect lasts forever. We endeavor to build that trust and confidence that you are not alone on your journey!

  • If we commit, we deliver

    Honesty and Integrity are two key pillars of our foundation. We will be upfront and open about what we can or cannot do and if the work may not add any value. If we commit to deliver it, we will! And yes, we are a bit emotional about it.

  • Flexibility and ease of doing business

    We understand that that time is scarce and that should be spent on focusing on your core business, rather than worrying about how do we integrate? Our agility and processes makes us flexible enough to work around your circumstances and doing business with us a pleasure!

  • Expertise and our people

    Our greatest assets are our people and we carefully chose the very best of skills and people who understands our values and are committed towards it. A management team with global cross functional expertise and carefully selected motivated work force dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction adds those extra finesses to our work

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